Placing our emphasis on building relationships with our clients is our top priority. We want to know our clients so well that our designs are what they were seeing when they first dreamed of building.

Here are some Government projects that showcase the results of the relationships and process at Ivy Architectural Innovations.


Catering / Conference Center Building W211

Project involved preparing all construction documents for the repair and renovation of Building 211 to provide a multi-purpose catering/conference and dining facility. New design addressed and corrected public health, life safety and code compliance deficiencies of the existing 21,000 SF structure.


Renovation of U.S. Navy Band Buildings W105 & W112

The building was originally constructed in 1901 as a canon manufacturing facility. The Navy Band has occupied the building since 1925. Only self-help and small repair projects have modified the original spaces. The spaces include administrative areas, rehearsal spaces and practice spaces for the six bands.


Combined Multi-Purpose Facility

A modern design of a 28,000 SF two-story Officer’s Club / Golf Club multi-purpose facility with a southern plantation appearance.

New Construction

Composite Operations Training Facility (Redhorse)

The COTF is a 21,400 SF administration and training facility including a 200 seat lecture/conference hall, 250-Seat dining hall, interior furnishings package, base civil engineers’ offices and classrooms.

New Construction